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A car accident or car wreck or auto accident is an incident in which an
automobile collides with anything that causes damage to the automobile,
including other automobiles, motorcycles, telephone poles, buildings or trees, or
in which the driver loses control of the vehicle and damages it in some other
way, such as driving into a ditch or rolling over. Sometimes a car accident may
also refer to an automobile striking a human or animal.

Car crashes — also called road traffic accidents (RTAs), traffic collisions, auto
accidents, road accidents, personal injury collisions, motor vehicle accidents
(MVAs), — kill an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year, and injure
about forty times this number.   

There is a auto accident every 10 seconds of every day in America-over
6,000,000 every year. These car accidents cause over 40,000 deaths and
3,000,000 injuries each year. Some of the car accidents are caused by
momentary mistakes or inattention, some by sleepy drivers, others by overly
aggressive driving, still others by intoxicated drivers. A surprising number are
caused by defects in the motor vehicle (bad tires or brakes), unclear road
markers or signs, or road hazards-some of which may be created by sloppy
construction. Many car accidents are minor and involve more hassle than
heartache, but the serious ones create significant problems for the innocent
victims. Medical bills, lost wages, disability and physical incapacity, rehabilitation
and future health care may seem insurmountable obstacles. Even figuring out the
other driver's insurance company and amount of insurance coverage can be a
major problem.

There is a death caused by a auto accident every 12 minutes; there is a disabling
injury every 14 seconds. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people
ages 1 to 33. The age groups most affected by motor vehicle crashes are 15-24
and 75+. There were an estimated 5,800 pedestrian deaths and 90,000 injuries.
Walking in the roadway accounted for only 9% of all pedestrian deaths and
injuries. About 3 in every 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related
traffic accident at some time in their lives. Bicycling resulted in about 800 deaths
in collisions with motor vehicles. If you or a loved one is involved in an auto
accident or car wreck, remember some simple do’s and don’t:


Don't admit fault.

Don't give a statement to anyone other than the police.

Don't give information other than your driver license and                    
insurance company information.

Do call the police and stay calm.

Do call for medical assistance.

Do get other driver's driver license information and insurance            
company information.

Do get witness names and phone numbers.

Once you get home, call The LeBlanc Law Firm for what next to do  
to best protect your rights.

If you have suffered  personal injuries or property damage in an automobile
accident, or motorcycle accident in Texas,  then you need to contact a
Dallas car
accident injury  lawyer
.  These accidents can include those involving uninsured
or underinsured drivers, drunk drivers, hit and run drivers, as well as accidents
occurring from automobiles, SUV and semi-tractor trailer collisions or rollovers.

Other personal injury lawsuits that are common in car wrecks in Dallas, Texas
are defective products or designs in automobiles. Some examples are defective
seat belts, tires or gas tanks.

Injuries suffered as a result of these types of auto accidents can be severe. You
may have suffered injuries such as whiplash, burns to your head or neck, nerve
damage, spinal chord paralysis, broken or dislocated bones or limbs, or even
have lost the use of a limb.

When you go through one of these life changing events your first concern is
obtaining good hospital care, and paying for the bills that go along with the
treatment. You also need to make sure you are not put in financial hardship as a
result of an accident. If you have lost wages, you need to be compensated for
that. You also need to be compensated for future medical care that may be
required as a result of your injury. Our firm will discuss your situation and go
over the options available to you. We will also work with insurance companies,
and other parties involved in your case to make sure your needs are handled
quickly and appropriately.


Common causes of a car accident include:

Driver fatigue;
Driver impairment;  
Speeding; and
Driver inattention.    


Fault in most automobile accidents in Texas are determined either by looking at
statutory requirements for drivers or applying common law negligence standards
to the accident facts.  To prove one driver was negligent, you must show:  1. a
duty was owed; 2. a breach of that duty; and 3. the breach caused some injury.  
Most of the statutory requirements for drivers can be found in the Texas
Transportation Code.  


When we are retained regarding an auto accident, the firm will often hire an
accident investigator or conduct an investigation.  An accident investigator will
usually take a very close look at the other driver’s actions and responsibilities.    
An accident investigator will also look into the other driver’s driving record, and
his or her physical and mental state (including whether there was alcohol or
drugs involved).

An attorney will be looking at whether the other driver was negligently entrusted
with the vehicle, and whether other parties may be held responsible.    In
investigating a car wreck, we will examine:

What were the driver's driving qualifications?
Did the driver submit to and pass drug testing?
Did the driver have a criminal history?
Did the driver have a history of chemical dependency?
Was the driver medically qualified to drive an automobile?
Did the driver have a poor driving record?
What was the driver's accident history?
Was the driver involved in other catastrophic or fatal auto accidents?
Did the driver own the vehicle, and if not, who entrusted the vehicle to the

We will speak with the police officer and analyze the police report.  We will also:

Locate witnesses and find out what they saw;
Take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle, the skid marks, debris, and
other evidence at the accident scene;
Evaluate the current road conditions and weather conditions;
Obtain temporary restraining orders to prevent the destruction of evidence
or concealing of evidence; and
Recover cell phone records, and other records to show driver negligence.  


Evidence of fault in an auto accident can include:

Witness statements and observations;
Cell phone or other communication records;
The driver’s driving record;
Weather conditions;
The condition of the highway; and
Maintenance of the automobile.

If it appears from evidence collected at the accident scene that equipment on the
auto malfunctioned, we  may start trying to find evidence that there have been
other accidents involving failure of the same or similar equipment. An injured
victim in Texas may then have a product liability claim against the manufacturer
of the equipment or a negligence claim against the driver for not fixing the
malfunction before it caused injury.


There are many types of experts hired to help reconstruct an accident scene and
establish liability. Experts typically on the scene in a Texas car accident can

General accident reconstructionists;
Computer graphics technicians;
Forensics specialist;
Metallurgists; and
Specialists in car safety.

Insurance companies have investigators who immediately start collecting
evidence after an accident, while victims and their families are still grieving or
injured. Insurance company investigators will be looking carefully for any
evidence that the car driver contributed to the accident by:

Passing unsafely;
Failing to pay attention;
Drinking or using drugs;
Not obeying traffic laws by following too closely or running a light; and

If you are the victim of a Dallas auto accident, it’s important not to give the
insurance company investigators any statements or sign medical or other
releases. It’s important to talk to a lawyer who understands auto accident cases
as soon as possible, so the evidence can be preserved and your rights can be


As a victim of a car accident in Texas, you may be able to collect money for the
following types of loss:

Economic damages, which could include medical care and rehab, nursing home
care, loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity;

Non-economic damages, such as for your pain and suffering, disfigurement and
mental anguish;

“Loss of consortium” (intimate relations) on behalf of your spouse; and  

Punitive damages.


There is a wide variety of injuries that can result from an auto accident including
the following:

Spinal cord injury: a spinal cord injury can result in severe nerve damage or
paralysis to body extremities either in the form of paraplegia or quadriplegia. The
extent of paralysis varies with each individual but always has devastating, life
changing effects.

Traumatic brain injury: a brain injury can be in the form of an open head injury or
a closed head injury, depending on whether or not the skull was fractured. These
head injuries can result in loss or impairment of speech or motor skills, memory
loss, confusion, and other long term complications.

Other severe personal injuries: other possible injuries that may result from a auto
accident include back injuries, neck injuries, amputations, and severe burns.



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