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In the United States, construction is a very large industry. It is also a high risk
industry where a construction accident can occur. Construction accidents rank
third in the rate of injury caused deaths, following mining and agriculture. For every
100,000 construction workers, 15 die due to injury.  If you have been injured in a
construction accident in Texas, you should contact a
Dallas construction accident

Examples of a construction accident that can result in death or a serious injury are:

scaffolding accident;
falling from a high location;
carbon monoxide poisoning;
forklift accident;
machinery accident;
crane accident;
roof related accident;
lifting equipment failure;
trench collapses; and
fires and explosions.


Certain parties may have different duties and legal responsibilities to a worker after
a construction accident.  Some parties who may be held liable for a construction
accident include:

Construction Site Owner – The landowner is liable for any injury caused by a
potentially harmful condition on the land that he either knew or should have known
about (this does not extend to obvious conditions);

General Contractors and Subcontractors – The general contractor and
subcontractor must provide a reasonably safe construction site;

“Prime” Contractors – A prime contractor, as opposed to a general contractor, is
only responsible for the work identified in his prime contract;

Architects and Engineers – The architect or engineer may be under contractual
duties to the site owner.  Duties may include progress observation (ensuring
compliance with specifications) and site inspection (ensuring compliance with code
regulations); and  

Construction Equipment Manufacturers – Manufacturers may be held liable for the
design or manufacturing of a defective product.


Texas  has adopted the safety regulations under the Occupation Safety and Health
Act of 1970 (OSHA).  These regulations apply to construction sites.   Other
applicable statutes and laws may govern your particular construction accident.  


If you are a construction worker who is injured at the construction site, there are
certain things that you should do:

seek immediate medical attention for your injuries;

report the construction accident and  injury to a superior and record the name and
position of that person;

record the contact information of any witnesses to your construction accident and  
injury; and

try to preserve any evidence of your construction accident and  injury.

You should then contact a construction lawyer as soon as possible.


As a victim of a construction accident in Texas, you may be able to collect money
for the following types of loss:

Economic damages, which could include medical care and rehab, nursing home
care, loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity;

Non-economic damages, such as for your pain and suffering, disfigurement and
mental anguish;

“Loss of consortium” (intimate relations) on behalf of your spouse; and  

Punitive damages.


There is a wide variety of injuries that can result from an auto accident including the

Spinal cord injury: a spinal cord injury can result in severe nerve damage or
paralysis to body extremities either in the form of paraplegia or quadriplegia. The
extent of paralysis varies with each individual but always has devastating, life
changing effects.

Traumatic brain injury: a brain injury can be in the form of an open head injury or a
closed head injury, depending on whether or not the skull was fractured. These
head injuries can result in loss or impairment of speech or motor skills, memory
loss, confusion, and other long term complications.

Other severe personal injuries: other possible injuries that may result from an auto
accident include back injuries, neck injuries, amputations, and severe burns.



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