Do I have to pay for the intial consultation?

No, the initial consultation is free.  We will obtain certain information about your case and will advise you if we are interested in continuing to review your case.

What is the best method of first contact with The LeBlanc Law Firm?

Email is the best way to make initial contact.   Please go to our Contact Us page to fill out an email contact form.  After reviewing the information on your form, we will contact you via phone and/or arrange to meet in person. 

Is there specific information you look for in the initial consulation?

We need to know the general facts of your case, the date of the incident, and what damages you are seeking.  

Is it important to contact an attorney soon after an injury?

Yes.  Every case has a certain time period where you must take action.  If you wait too long, you could waive your right to pursue your case.  

Will I have to sign an attorney client contract?

Once the LeBlanc Law Firm has decided to take your case, you will need to sign an attorney client contract.  

Do I have to pay attorney's fees to be represented in a personal injury case?

You do not have to pay attorney's fees in the majority of cases.  The LeBlanc Law Firm is paid a percentage of the recovery made from the case.